inteRact with science is an ecosystem of R packages that provides modular building blocks for the interactive analysis of genomics data.

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Core Packages

They even have unit tests!

FacileData Defines a “tidy-like” API for data query and retrieval from a multi-assay datastore. Provides a reference implementation (FacileDataSet) that enables the analysis of large, out-of-memory datasets by using SQLite to store subject-, sample-, and assay-level metadata, and HDF5 to store dense high-dimensional assay data.

FacileBiocData Implements the facile API over standard bioconductor assay containers.

FacileAnalysis Provides modular analysis workflows for common analysis tasks, like PCA, differential expression, and gene set enrichment analysis. A common set of methods are defined (shine(), viz() and report()) to provide interactive views over these results, which can be placed into a shiny application or embedded into an Rmarkdown report.

FacileShine Provides shiny components to interact with and retrieve data from a facile datastore.

FacileViz Provides interactive (in the javascript sense) views over a facile datastore (scatterplots, boxplots, etc.)